2D-analysis software

hugh at corvus.sunet.se hugh at corvus.sunet.se
Tue Jun 29 06:00:44 EST 1993

Hi. We sould like to gather opinions about good and/or cheap
and/or PD software for 1D and 2D PAGE gel analysis.

The motivation for this is that we want to set up
an analysis system to back up an MD phosphoimager. 
Our original plan was to purchase the pdi programs
PSQUEST and so on, and run them on a dedicated workstation.
However, pdi want c 30,000 USD for the software alone
so we're inclined to think twice before jumping.

Any opinion as to good software (unix, vms ,dos or anything) would be
appreciated. I heard a suggestion once that NIH had something like this.
Does anyone know if that is true?

Your help appreciated

Hugh Salter

Biochemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden

Hugh at biokemi.su.se
Hugh at corvus.cellbio.su.se

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