File transfer of Gromos topology files

JRAMON at mvax.fmed.uam.es JRAMON at mvax.fmed.uam.es
Mon Jun 28 06:00:00 EST 1993

	this seems quite a lot like GROMOS87 is saving its data in Stream_LF
format (an assumption wich is quite reasonable).

	This means the following:
U*ix machines only understand one type of file organization: a stream of bytes.
VMS machines in turn manage a bunch of different file formats, the most common
of wich is one in which files are organized as 512 byte records, delimited
by a carriage_return/NULL character.

	As a result of this, most FTP programs transfer files to VMS in 512
byte record formats, which inserts every 512 bytes a delimiter. If your pro-
gram doesn't expect that delimiter, then it won't read correctly the file.
Or viceversa.

	There is a safe (through tricky) solution. It involves analyzing
a GROMOS file in the VAX and then asking VMS to convert the received file
to the same format that VAX-GROMOS files have using the layout previously

	This is the HOW TO.

1) Analyze a previous GROMOS file (in the VAX)

$ ANALYZE/RMS/FDL my_gromos.file

(this generates a file named MY_GROMOS.FDL containing a description of its

2) Convert the new (transferred) file to GROMOS format using the previous

$ CONVERT /FDL=my_gromos.fdl    transferred_input.file   desired_output.name

(this should generate a new file, DESIRED_OUTPUT.NAME, from the file that
you transferred, TRANSFERRED_INPUT.FILE, just reading the file and stripping
or adding the required delimiters).

	Of course if you know something more about VAX file you can make
a program that does this. Or if you are sure of the specific formats of the
files, then you can look for a special program that converts the files.

	Anyway, if this doesn't work, let us know. Maybe it's something
else the actual cause of yer problem.

		J. R. Valverde

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