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richard frenkel rfrenkel at world.std.com
Mon Jun 28 13:17:55 EST 1993

I know this group probably is mostly interesetd in technical products, but
you may find some of the products in this database of interest:


We have developed a searchable database of information on over 1,500 micro
software products.  This database can be searched by category and
subcategory, by product name, by company name, or by keyword. 

Products meeting your search requirements are displayed with a 3 line
capsule description - you can then choose a product and see up to SEVERAL
PAGES of information about it, system requirements, and pricing.  You can
also buy most of the products through us (or anyone else, of course).

Almost all the major commercial products are included for DOS & Windows
along with many Mac & some UNIX products.  Hundreds of lesser known
products and programming libraries are also included.  We've listed a small
sample of some products below.

Our database has an easy to use full screen interface and has been well
received (a major corporate software vendor has asked us about converting
their paper catalog using our system).

In order to distribute this database as widely as possible on a very small
marketing budget, we are selling it for $16.00 INCLUDING POSTAGE AND
HANDLING.  You can try the database out ONLINE by dialing our bulletin
board at 617-581-5287.  And there is a 60 day money-back guarantee - just
return the diskettes for a refund.

You can call us to order the Software Products Database at 1-800-714-6746,
order it through our BBS  (pick the ORDER option), or you can order by mail
(check, Visa, MC): Infoboard, 3 Grant Road, Swampscott, MA. 

For more info send email to rfrenkel at world.std.com (Internet) or 1:101/155
(fidonet), or call. Quarterly updates will be available, and you can get
them free if you order products from us.

A very small sample of the products you might look for and find (at low
prices) in over 150 categories/subcategories:

Category: UTILITIES - DISK & FILE (106 products)
-    software to read & write Mac Diskettes under DOS, or vice versa
-    programs to let you search for and directly view files created by
     100's of applications
Category: ANALYSIS TOOLS (74 products) Subcategory: MODELING
-    use "EDA" (Exploratory Data Analysis) techniques to find order in your
     data, or just read about this recent technique.

Category: REFERENCE (54 products) Subcategory: MAPS
-    display your data on maps, graphically
-    find the best route between two points in a specific city, or across
     the country

Category: UTILITIES & TOOLS (224 products) Subcategory: DIAGNOSIS
-    diagnose your PC, find out what hardware & software is installed, what
     interrupts are in use, map your TSR's
Category: BUSINESS (125 products) Subcategory: REAL ESTATE
-    calculate and track a mortgage or other loan, manage rental property

Category: BUSINESS Subcategory: POINT-OF-SALE
-    control a bar-code reader & do credit card charging on-line from your

-    use pre-made "assemblies" to estimate the cost of building an

Category: CLIP ART (40 products) Subcategory: Various
-    find specific images, sounds, even video clips

Category: COMMUNICATIONS (107 products) Subcategory: VOICE
-    develop a voice response or fax-back system

-    help your help desk: get software that lets you control PC's over the
     LAN or phone

Category: CREATIVE & GRAPHICS (230 products) Subcategory: IMAGE PROCESSING
-    do color separations and enhance your images

Category: CREATIVE & GRAPHICS Subcategory: WRITING
-    programs that help you organize your ideas and write effectively

Category: KID STUFF (47 products) - programs for your children

Category: MANAGING (80 products) - manage time, projects, people

Category: EDUCATION (140 products) Subcategory: CHAOS & FRACTALS
-    learn about fractals and/or make stunning graphics

-    learn Spanish using a diskette based system

Category: EDUCATION Subcategory: TEACHER'S AIDS
-    help with authoring & grading tests

Category: GAMES (215 products) - various categories for games of all sorts

Category: INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (53 products) - print mailing labels,
          build an address book that auto-dials, ...

Category: NETWORK (79 products) Subcategory: MANAGEMENT TOOLS
-    inventory all the PC's on your LAN centrally, monitor licenses

-    how about 6 HOURS of reliving baseballs greatest moments in multimedia
     with original broadcasts, video clips, and images?

-    a free 30 page manual on DOS and Windows use of memory and an
     introduction to X-Windows from Quarterdeck

Category: PERSONAL (64 products) Subcategory: ASTROLOGY
-    a program to help you do astrological calculations and reports

Category: PERSONAL Subcategory: RESUME
-    design a resume & search for a job
Category: PROGRAMMING (142 products) Subcategory: DISTRIBUTION
-    tools to serialize, install, document, distribute your application

Category: PROGRAMMING LIBRARIES (157 products) Subcategory: MISC
-    4 libraries of functions to add bar code processing to your C,
     Clipper, or other program.

-    a HyperBible with 100,000+ marginal notes

Category: SHAREWARE & BBS                    
-    a CD-ROM with 4,000 shareware programs, each with a complete review.

Category: TUTORIAL & TRAINING (46 products)              
-    tools to develop computer based training 

-    antivirus software that catches programs that "act" like viruses.

Category: WORD PROCESSING (73 products) Subcategory: ADD-ONS   
-    a list of thousands of technical words you can add to your word
     processor's spell checker.

Category: WORKGROUP SOFTWARE Subcategory: MAIL
-    find a low cost office mail system

This is just a sample of products from a sample of the categories.  You can
spend days just browsing through the categories finding interesting
products.  If you have a need, you'll probably find a product to fill that
need in the database.  If you don't, we can probably locate it for you.  

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