bootstrapping a neighbor joining tree w/Phylip?

Frank Wright mbfw at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Mon Jun 28 09:10:06 EST 1993

Fredj Tekaia (tekaia at pasteur.fr) asks...

>  A side issues of this presentation is :
>  can someone point to papers synthetizing in which conditions might be
>  used each of these tree making techniques? 
>  Having aligned sequences, which are the criteria that suggest the choice
>  of one or more of these techniques? In which limits might the results
>  be comparable?

Two good references reviewing phylogenetic tree construction methods are:

  Felsenstein J. (1988) Phylogenies from molecular sequences: 
  infererence and reliability. Ann. Rev. Genet. 22:521-565.

  Swofford D.L. & Olson G.J. (1990) Phylogeny Reconstruction.
  In: Molecular Systematics (eds. Hillis D.M. & Moritz C.). 
  Sunderland, MA. pp411-501.

Further discussion about phylogenetic tree methods (as opposed to
software) should perhaps move to "bionet.molbio.evolution" newsgroup.

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