C compiler

JRAMON at mvax.fmed.uam.es JRAMON at mvax.fmed.uam.es
Mon Jun 28 04:42:00 EST 1993

Tom Wolf asks for a msdos C compiler.

	I remember having seem one years ago on Simtel-20.army.mil, called
PCC, for Portable C Compiler. It may do.

	However if you want a *good* C compiler, then you should try GCC,
the C compiler from the GNUish project.

	You can get it from several sites:

 vulcan.phyast.pitt.edu[], in pub/pc/gnudos

ocf.berkeley.edu [], in pub/GNU/gnuish-msdos

wsmr-simtel20.army.mil [], in pd2:<msdos2.gnuish>

funic.funet.fi [], in pub/msdos/gnudos.

	for instance.

		J. R. Valverde

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