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Fri Jun 25 10:50:19 EST 1993

> I've just been asked whether program LINKAGE is available in any language
> other than Pascal.  I said I didn't think so.  Was I right?  Thanx in
> advance.
> Bennett

You are both right & wrong.  Bob Cottingham has just posted to bionet.linkage
that his version of the package with substantial improvements in speed can
now be obtained by ftp.  His post is included below.  He used p2c to 
translate the pascal source to C source, so that version of the programs
is in C.  Other than Bob's modified version, I am not aware of a non-
Pascal version.  We have downloaded & built the C version & will be
doing some testing next week.  One warning - the C version requires large
amounts of virtual memory.

> As described in the forthcoming paper Faster Sequential Genetic
> Linkage Computations (American Journal of Human Genetics, to appear in
> the July 1993 issue), modified versions of the general pedigree
> programs of LINKAGE 5.1 are now available via ftp as follows:
> 	ftp gc.bcm.tmc.edu
> 	login: anonymous
> 	password: <your email address> 
> 	cd fastlink.51
> A PostScript version of the paper can be found in the file paper.ps.
> Further information on compiling the programs is given in the README
> file.
> A side benefit of this work is that these programs are in C.

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