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Jenny Barna jcjb at mbfs.bio.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jun 24 04:41:50 EST 1993

bspahh at gdr.bath.ac.uk (Andrew Henry) writes:

>In the referenced article, pettsj at visigoth.demon.co.uk (James Petts) writes:

>>Hello. Can anybody point me in the direction of Molscript for SGIs? 

>From the Molscript documentation ...

[text removed]

>|  There is no fee for academic institutions. The address is:

[OLD address removed]

PLEASE NOTE: the address at Cambridge quoted for Per Kraulis, taken from
the Molscript documentation is now OUT-OF-DATE. His new address is:

Dr Per Kraulis
Center for Structural Biochemistry
Karolinska Institute
S-141 57 Huddinge

phone +46 8 608 9266
fax   +46 8 608 9290

email pjk at oyster.csb.ki.se

PLEASE don't try to contact him at Cambridge UK!
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