Least Homology comparison

Charles A. Alexander charles at MEDINFO.ROCHESTER.EDU
Wed Jun 23 10:44:18 EST 1993


Here's an interesting problem.  One of the researchers here needs to detect 
expression of specific sequences in an experiment.  But, the twist is this.
He works with a group of sequences.  He wants to design probes unique to each 
one of these sequences.  The probe regions have to be fairly large (200-500bp).
Question is how do you determine which region in the sequence to make the probe 

Also, GCG's PILEUP run with default parameters indicates about 75% homology in 
the 3 sequences.  The PRETTY program using the .MSF file as input was then run 
with first the /DIFF qualifier and again with the /CASE qualifier.
Neither, result shows much promise.  I also attempted a PROFILEMAKE and later 
realized that it would work if you were looking only for homology (not 

Oligo selection software does it on a per sequence basis.  Any suggestions?
My apologies if the question sounds more complex than it really is.


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