Least Homology comparison

Rick Westerman westerm at aclcb.purdue.edu
Wed Jun 23 12:42:11 EST 1993

charles at MEDINFO.ROCHESTER.EDU ("Charles A. Alexander") writes:

>Here's an interesting problem. ... (much deleted) ... looking only for
> homology (not >"Dis-Homology").

I'm posting in case I'm wrong and someone can shoot me down, but it seems
that for "dis-homology" you could use an inverse comparison table; e.g.,
a table where 'A' vs. 'A' is worth '0.0' while an 'A' vs. 'C' (or vs. 'G'
or 'T') is worth 1.0 -- this is opposite of the normal NWSGapDNA.Cmp table. 
Using the inverse table, PileUp will look for the worst alignment instead 
of the best.

-- Rick

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