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In Message <9306221507.AA27586 at net.bio.net>, ahouse at hydra.rose.brandeis.edu 
(Jeremy John Ahouse) replies to article <jasons-220693150108 at hugo.medgen.uu>, 
jasons at bmc.uu.se (jason e. stewart) who wrote about having trouble with
importing GCG msf files into Mac based applications.

He, and Don Gilbert in another reply, mention SeqApp as a solution.  This is an
excellent public-domain package; however, it's use is not necesary for Jason's
situation.  GCG msf files _ARE_ merely text files, as opposed to Jeremy's
implication otherwise.  Therefore, if you want to use one in ANY Mac
application, just transfer it to your Mac from the host machine as a text file
with whatever communications/file transfer protocol your Mac happens to be
using (e.g. ftp, Kermit, XModem, etc).  Then import it into whichever Mac
application you want AS A TEXT FILE.  Another option which I often use when I
don't want to bother with file transfer and the file is relatively small is use
the Mac emulator software to display the file to screen (i.e. use the host's
type command) and just select and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into
whatever application you desire.  Other options also exist --- "Save Selection"
from Versaterm's File menu can create a text file on your Mac and GCG's Spew
utility will also transfer sequence files to a computer emulating a terminal.

The BIGGY that Jeremy mentions that I was unaware of and that I think needs to
be stressed to ANYBODY who uses MSWord, especially us MolBio types, is the
option select feature.  This, as Jeremy explains, "allows you to delete and
copy text that covers several lines (without including the whole lines) and is
probably the single best feature of MSWord."  It gives you COLUMN mode in
MSWord; I didn't know that was possible and has often been one of my biggest
complaints about MSWord!

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