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Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Tue Jun 22 18:32:11 EST 1993

Kent Reuber (reuber at edu.brandeis.rose.hydra) wrote:
: I've heard about a program called "EPI Info" which is supposedly freely
: available from the Center for Disease Control. Can anyone tell me more
: about the program, what machine(s) it runs on and what FTP site(s) might
: have it.

I obtained a copy of EPI5 which is PD, but EPI6 is being distributed
for a (small) fee.  We intended to use it on anthropometry data from
former Yugoslavia as part of the HANSA (Health and Nutritional Status
Advice) project here at the Rowett but the anthropometry routines
(based on the work of Dibley et al.) are a TSR add-in to EPI INFO and
can't be used in 'batch' mode so I translated the pascal source of the
calculation (itself a translation of a FORTRAN subroutine written by
CDC) into 'C' and wrote a program that churns though data files

There is another add-in for EPI INFO called EPINUT that does
nutritional anthropometry, but we have continued using my translation
of the CDC  'measure' algorithm for our work on advising WHO about the
nutritional aspects of the international relief effort in Bosnia.  EPI5
is very good for interactive inspection of data sub-sets but the
graphics are poor and we are using MS Excel to produce high-quality
graphs that are faxed directly from a PC in Aberdeen to our office in
Zagreb.  I understand the graphics are better in EPI6.

Please email <hansa at rri.sari.ac.uk> for more information about the project.

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