importing .msf docs

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Tue Jun 22 10:04:12 EST 1993

SeqApp for Macintoshes, the new release 1.9a, can deal with GCG's MSF 
format, including dashes.   
Find it as ftp.bio.indiana.edu:/molbio/seqapp/*.hqx

SeqApp can also do the aligning (by hand and automatically via clustal)
in a manner that is at least roughly as good as GCG's pileup + lineup.
SeqApp has a pretty print output of aligned sequences that lets you
shade similar bases, or do your own shading.   You can export this
alignment display as a Mac PICT file for further editing in your
favorite PICTure editor.  SeqApp is also free.

jason e. stewart (jasons at bmc.uu.se) wrote:
: Anyone know a way to import a file generated by GCG Pileup into a Mac (or
: PC) sequence alignment program. After having used GCG to do the aligning my
: friend wants to add legends and things to his alignment for publishing
: purposes.

Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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