GCG msf files manipulation

Jeremy John Ahouse ahouse at hydra.rose.brandeis.edu
Tue Jun 22 14:14:28 EST 1993

In article <930622113926.22800880 at BOBCAT.CSC.WSU.EDU>,
THOMPSON at WSUVMS1.CSC.WSU.EDU ("Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics") wrote:
> He, and Don Gilbert in another reply, mention SeqApp as a solution.  This is an
> excellent public-domain package; however, it's use is not necesary for Jason's
> situation.  GCG msf files _ARE_ merely text files, as opposed to Jeremy's
> implication otherwise.  

   Yikes.  I was aiming my comment about TEXT at the Mac packages that use
a non-TEXT format to store data files.  Steve is exactly right that MSF is
one of the TEXT based standard formats, and can be manipulated by all word
processors and text editors on the Mac.

	  - Jeremy

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