what is a Biogopher?

David Dykes usdpd at emoryu1.cc.emory.edu
Mon Jun 21 14:41:33 EST 1993

	While I appreciate the work Dan Jacobson has done on his "bio-gopher faq"
I feel that this document fails to answer some basic questions (or at least some
that I need answers to :).
	I want to know answers to questions like:
	-What is Bio-gopher? (ie is it just a gopher hole, a group of gopher
	 holes, a different gopher client etc.)  The FAQ never provides a definition
	 of "Bio-gopher."
	-How do I connect to this BOING?

The only Biology specific data in this faq are the following:
>A9: There is an incredible amount of software, data and information
>    availble to biologists now by gopher.
>Here is a brief list of the Biological Databases that you can search 
>via gopher:
>      1.  Search BOING (Bio Oriented INternet Gophers) <?> - Lets you search
>               through all the titles of items in Bio-Gophers around the
>               world and access the items returned directly.
Forgive my ignorance, but where are these resources?
	-Thanks in Advance
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