Info sources for 4th Dimension developers

Wed Jun 16 19:35:54 EST 1993


	I've been developing databases in 4th Dimension on the Macintosh
and have been quite happy with it except for the fact that I have been
having trouble locating a reliable source of information to help me with my
difficulties. (The tech support staff at ACI US, the company that markets
4D, is difficult to get hold of, and often don't seem to have a clue of
what they're talking about.) 

	I recently discovered that there is a newsgroup devoted to
discussing 4D that has many knowledgeable readers, including someone from
technical support in Paris. Traffic is moderate, about 10-30 messages per
day. From the info sheet you get when you join: 

/Subscription from Internet:
/    If you want to join (or be deleted from) the list, you need to
/    email a request to:
/                4d-request at mit.edu
/Posting to the whole group from Internet:
/   Mail your post to:
/                4d at mit.edu
/If you have any problems with the mailing list, please contact:
/                - mlbarrow at mit.edu (Michael L Barrow)
/He is the administrator of this list.
/This is NOT a listserv list, so you can't send mail commands at it or
/anything like that -- sorry.
/If anyone wants any nerdy information about how the list is
/maintained, just ask and he will be glad to tell you.

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