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Littlejohn Tim little at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Wed Jun 16 11:49:22 EST 1993

Attention all Bio-Gopher Administrators:

This posting contains a proposal to set up a Bio-gopher administrators
mailing list.  Its primary function would be as a communication
forum for all administrators of gopher holes whose primary function is
to provide information on the biological sciences through gopher.
It is proposed that this list be maintained at the MegaGopher site at 
the University of Montreal.

The number and breadth of Bio-gopher holes is still expanding.
This is great to see!  But as a recent Bio-gopher administrator,
I have spent a lot of time doing things that I probably could have 
done better or quicker if there was a formalised communication network
of bio-gopher gurus (I survived, mind you, thanks to the tireless
help of a few kind people!).

Also, whenever I have an idea of somthing I would like to set up on 
the MegaGopher, I am not sure if somone has already done it (often solved
by searching the BOING database on Dan Jacobson's gopher hole) or
is in the process of doing it.  While duplicate databases/repositories
are often a good idea for network reasons (to minimise traffic, etc.), 
recreating a wheel often isn't.

Finally, I am sure that by bouncing ideas off each other, the bio-gopher
universe in general will become more useful to all.

I suggest that a mailing list of all interested bio-gopher administrators
be set up to meet the specific communication needs of this community.
I am most happy to set up and maintain this list.  I am sure the traffic 
would not be too great, but if it did become so, we could look at other 
methods of communication (e.g. a gopher-accessable mail file akin to a
bionet newsgroup or perhaps, eventually, a new bionet group).

Speak to me!
If you are an existing or potential Bio-gopher administrator, or even
a Bio-gopher user who would like to have a say in how we run and organise 
our gopher holes, PLEASE send me a message!  If there is enough interest, 
I will follow up this posting with one outlining the mechanics of how
we will implement the process.


Tim Littlejohn

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