Bio-gopher administrators mail list

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Wed Jun 16 16:25:42 EST 1993

My only recent thought to address to biogopher admins 
would deal with setting up indexing of biogoph contents
as with veronica/jughead (is it okay with admin, what 
parts of a biogoph are of special interest, picky other 
questions...).  But I had to put that aside for paying 
work (got bogged down when I found out how much looping
jughead was doing on my archive in it's native state),
and Dan Jacobson did it anyway.

There was a maillist for biogoph admins set up when
biogophs started off, by Reinhard Doelz.  For all I know
it is still active and waiting for someone to mail to
it.  One problem with mail lists of small readership is
they quickly get forgotten.  The netnews groups here
can carry much of the traffic that might be associated
with biogopher administration.  

-- don

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