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Andrew Henry bspahh at gdr.bath.ac.uk
Sat Jun 12 12:46:45 EST 1993

WinRefer is a reference management system running under Windows 3.x
(preferably 3.1).  It is intended for people writing books or papers
who want to search a database of references for citations.

WinRefer supports the following features:
        o       simple but flexible user interface
        o       support for a number of popular reference
                database file formats
        o       keyword and expression-based searching
        o       database indexing
        o       user-defined formatting conventions(*)
        o       bibliography generation
        o       plain text and Microsoft RTF formatting
        o       a DDE control interface
        o       a template for use with Word for Windows(*)

Items marked (*) are new to this version, or have been extended.

WinRefer can deal with Unix refer, Chemical Abstracts, Medline and
Bath Information and Data Services (ISI) format reference databases -
BibTeX and ProCite support should be coming soon!

WinRefer is available from:

Host ftp.cica.indiana.edu   (
    Location: /pub/pc/win3/util
      FILE      r--r--r--    505140 Feb 12 10:45 wr21.zip

I think the program is "conscience-ware"  [ie pay up if you use it
to encourage the author to add features and refinements].  However,
it is not a crippled version.  I have no connection with the author,
Simon Dobson.  He can be contacted at sd at inf.rl.ac.uk for "bug reports, 
comments, wish lists and flames."

		Andrew  Henry

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