Anyone using Gespasi?

John Woods eanv20 at castle.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jun 15 03:38:14 EST 1993

mhollowa at ic.sunysb.edu (Michael Holloway) writes:

>I'm evaluating the Windows metabolism simulator Gespasi, trying to figure 
>out whether I want to recommend it for use in an undergrad lab course.  Has 
>anyone else out there tried it or used it in a course?  My major problem 
>with it now is that the command strings its sending to Gnuplot for Win 
>are not correct.  It sends a "terminal type windows color" command that 
>Gnuplot does not recognize.  It was only by several happy accidents that I
>found out that I could delay execution of the plotting and edit a temp 
>file that Gespasi creates.  Changing the line to "terminal type win" makes
>it work.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  Has this happened to anyone 
>else?  A message sent to the author has not generated a response.  

GEPASI is one of the simulators for metabolic control analysis
available from the metabolic-regulation (BTK-MCA mailing list)
experimental archive site bmsdarwin.brookes.ac.uk ( in
/pub/software/ibmpc/gep207a.zip.  But I suspect you've got an old
version of windows gnuplot --- ours (3.38...) groks 'set terminal
windows color' or 'set term win col' no problem.

Sorry to hear you haven't got a reply from the author, Pedro Mendes
<prm at aber.ac.uk>, --- he must be away as he is usually very
conscientious about support.  Please feel free to ask me any further
questions until I can locate him.  We don't stock gnuplot on our
archive just yet --- I think ftp.dartmouth.edu is the official site.

Regards ...

					... John Woods
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