Chromosome Idiograms, human and mouse

David A. Adler dadler at u.washington.edu
Mon Jun 14 16:53:30 EST 1993

Hello Bionauts,
I am pleased to announce the availability via Gopher of computerized  
idiograms of human and mouse chromosomes. The idiograms are in PostScript  
(PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.) and were created to  
allow band-by-band manipulation with certain graphics software, such as  
Adobe Illustrator, Aldus FreeHand, Corel Draw, Altsys Virtuoso. These  
files can be freely used by individuals for personal use or by non-profit  
(Commercial use is prohibited - contact David Adler for licensing  

You will find tar.Z and stuffed/binhexed (.sit.hqx) compressed files of  
the entire human and mouse sets and subdirectories (human and mouse)  
containing the individual ascii PostScript files.

The Gopher site can be found, geographically, under Washington, University  
of Washington, Pathology Department OR point your Gopher at:

	larry.pathology.washington.edu, port 70

Feedback is welcome - suggestions, corrections, criticisms, compliments  
can be emailed to me.	

I plan to add scanned images of actual chromosomes for human and mouse in  
the near future. And would also like to add other species - Drosophila  
polytenes? (camera obscura and/or scanned micrographs). If you have images  
that you think would be of interest to others or are looking for  
particular chromosome images please contact me. Questions can be emailed  
to me at:
	dadler at u.washington.edu

I would also like to acknowledge support, suggestions, criticisms from  
Christine Disteche, George Martin and Kris Carroll at the University of  
Washington and Roland Hubner at the University of Liege, and the  
University of Washington Department of Pathology for computer facilities.


David A. Adler                  Pathology SM-30
University of Washington        Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-0716 (phone)		(206) 543-3644 (fax)
"Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense"

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