Denaturing Gradient Gel Software

Jim Gerlach GERLACHJ at QUCDN.QueensU.CA
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>Subject: Denaturing Gradient Gel Software
>Date: 11 Jun 93 14:02:28 GMT
>Howdy Folks,
>I am going to be doing some work with Denaturing Gradient Gel
>Electrophoresis in the future, and found a reference from '87 in vol 155 of
>Methods in Enzymology that talked about a number of different software
>programs for predicting melting domains of DNA when using DGGE. It was by
>Lerman and Silverman from M.I.T and Memphis State, respectively. The
>programs were called MELT, TRAVEL, and SQHTX. I've been zipping around
>gopher space and all ftp sites I know to find ANY program dealing with
>these phenomena, and I couldn't find anything. 
>Does anybody know of how to get in touch with the authors (I suppose there
>is always s-mail) or where I could get ahold of such programs?
>Thanks in advance,
>Jason E Stewart                    Father-at-Large
>Dept of Med Gen                    jasons at bmc.uu.se
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>751 23 Uppsala                     Fax: 46 18 526849

We obtained the programs from Dr. Leonard S. Lerman directly. This is 
probably the best approach as the software is continually evolving. The 
person who actually sent us the software was:

	William Fripp
	Scientific Systems Programmer
	Massachusetts Institute of Technology
	77 Massachusetts Avenue
	Cambridge, MA  02139-4307

The programs work as promised but are not especially "user friendly".

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