Compiling entrez-2d on SGI

Daping Tan dtan at CANSND.CISTI.NRC.CA
Fri Jun 11 17:57:18 EST 1993

Dear netters,

I had some difficulties in compiling entrez-2d on our SGI server.

I made the following  modifications to the entrez-2d package.

	- Changed all gcc to cc in  Makefile(s).
	- Changed all the ranlib to touch in the Makefile(s).
	- Removed "void" from line 228 in main.c.
	- Put ", TRUE" in line 313 in main.c.

But the final linking failed because a file called /usr/5lib/libcurses.a
could not be found.

As an experiment I removed this file from the list, and got
the executable code generated. When I ran it, the menu appeared
and I could move the cursor around. But when I hit "Enter" to select,
I got "core dumped"

I've sent a request to the original author, but haven't receive 
the response yet.

Any help or suggestions are warmly welcom.


Daping Tan
National Research Council Canada
dtan at cansnd.cisti.nrc.ca

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