MACVECTOR Experiences anyone??

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Thu Jun 10 13:28:13 EST 1993

>We are thinking of gettting MACVECTOR.  Does anyone have any +/- opinions
>on this program?? How do you run it??  You either have a choice of getting
>expensive site licsenses or, maybe just one dedicated machine...Anybody
>know if MACVECTOR will run on the UNIX platform??..Thanks for your

   The last couple of issues of Biotechnology Software have extensive
reviews of both Mac V, Geneworks, and DNAstar Mac, as well as GeneRunner
for Windows.  Their executive summary gives the nod to GW for power and
features and Mac V for ease of use.  Appended (only to original poster;
anyone else can have it free for the asking) is MY version of my TIBS paper
(before they gutted it of humor and footnotes and misspelled my name).  If
you're interested, I can also send you my (now somewhat dated but being
revised) rolling review of some sequence analysis programs, most for the

   There are some products that will allow you to run Mac programs on some
workstations.  'Liken' is a Mac emulator that runs on SPARCs, available
thru Andataco, I believe,  (about the speed of an SE30 when running on an
SS2).  Others (Quorum) have been widely blathered about but have not made
an operating appearance (I've played with Liken myself and it DOES work,
however only in B+W, although color will be here RSN 8)).

   If you mean 'is there a version of Mac V that runs on unix machines in
native mode?', the answer is NO, although there are windowing sequence
analysis programs that do - Steve Smith's GDE is perhaps the best known.


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