Free domain reference database shell for PC: Seqanalref variant

Wed Jun 9 08:33:40 EST 1993

	SAGITTARIUS SEQANALREF Personal Reference DataBank
  SAGITTARIUS Personal Reference DataBank is a dialog shell 
for object-oriented compression, storage and manipulation of reference
database information with orientation on MS DOS PC-compartibles 
(at least 286 required) with installed hard disk optimisators
(like Hyperdisk, Ncache, Smartdrive and others). This particular 
variant is oriented on SEQANALREF databases compiled by A.Bairoch.

  Dialog data shell includes following main possibilities:
   - selection of references to bank buffer by
        - dictionary-defined record for specified informational
          field (title, journal, author, keyword)
        - user-defined context in specified informational
          field (title, journal, author, keyword)
        - set of dictionary-defined records for main informational
          field (author, keyword)
        - reference abstract (non)perfect match with user-defined 
          short context
   - store and retrieve buffer content (reference numbers) between 
   - output user-specified (buffer) reference data to disk files

  SAGITTARIUS SEQANALR Personal Reference DataBank is available 
by anonymous FTP from:

 - FTP.SCRI.FSU.EDU, directory pub/genetics/seqanalr/

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