Macromolecule Visualization Under X

Gordon-Beresford Roland rgordon at is1e.vub.ac.be
Wed Jun 9 03:24:51 EST 1993

I already found the Holly Graal, so now ...
I'm looking for a public domain program which could display the 3D structure
of a molecule (essentially proteins) with a "reasonable" interactivity.
Furthermore I would like it to run on a Silcon Graphics machine
(-> color display) but also on remote X terminals (-> Black & White display).
I discarded the following programs :
PDBView: Real X program. Nice, but much too slowwww. 
MULTI: Better but, as it uses the GL protocol, i can't send the result to an X terminal.
(GL = Silicon Graphics proprietary protocol for graphic handling. )
Furthermore MULTI somehow forbids further use of any program
requiring GL ! (Including login window)
(I have a 4D/35GT, I have not really tried to solve this problem, no time)
Have you any idea ?
	Thank You.

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