Help about protein database.

Hong Huang hhuang at CONCH.SENOD.UWF.EDU
Mon Jun 7 19:59:15 EST 1993

Hello friends:

I'm currently a computer science graduate student and going to have a project
forcusing on the 3D structure of protein and the Amino Acid sequence. Would 
anybody be so kind to tell me about:

    (1). the protein structure databases (PIR, PDB, GenBank...) and their
         contents (primary, secondary, or ternary structure), and data format.
    (2). the existing shareware for modeling the protein 3D structure.
    (3). the possibility of predicting the protein 3D structure from amino
         acid sequence.

or where can I find the answers. Please send any suggestion or answer to:
   hhuang at conch.senod.uwf.edu 

Thanks in advance.


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