PDBlib v1.0 - C++ Class Library Representing Macromolecular Structure

Phil Bourne system at CUHHCA.HHMI.COLUMBIA.EDU
Mon Jun 7 17:20:51 EST 1993

                           PDBlib Version 1.0

What is PDBlib?
    PDBlib is a class library written in C++ for modeling a 
macromolecular structure at the level of detail (excluding symmetry
information) found in a Protein Data Back (PDB) file. A class is
supplied to read a PDB file into a PDBlib representation. This class
is independent of the actual representation and other forms of
input, for example from a relational database like SESAM, are

    The library is made extensible by a close coupling between 
intrinsic and external classes. By writing only to the external 
classes you will remain compliant with future versions of the

What do I get?
     bin:               executable files.
     include:           PDBLib header files that should not be altered
                        by library users in general.
     include_ext:       user extensible header files.
     lib:               PDBLib library file.
     examples:          Example source and header files.

What don't I get?
    You don't get source code. This is a temporary situation while we
attempt to centralize bug fixes and additions to the library. If you
find this situation unworkable source code is available by signing
a copyright agreement which is available with the distribution.
How do I use it?
    Three examples are included for you to see how to use the library: 

	o example.C demonstrates the utilities of the class library;
	o XDrawProtein.C is a simply drawing program that accesses a
          PDB file through the class library and displays a static view 
          of the protein in a window;  
	o PDBview will render a PDB file using only X/Motif; no
          special graphics hardware or software is needed.

How do I get it?
    Via anonymous ftp from cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu ( in the
directory pub/programs/PDB/PDBlib 

On what platforms is it available?

PDBLib.1.0.SGI.tar.Z    Compressed tar file of PDB object classes library 
			and header files for SGI.  AT&T C++ release 2.1 & 3.0

PDBLib.1.0.Sun.tar.Z    Compressed tar file of PDB object classes library 
			and header files for Sun Sparc station.  AT&T C++ 
			release 2.1 & 3.0 compatible.

PDBLib.1.0.Cvx.tar.Z    Compressed tar file of PDB object classes library 
			and header files for Convex.  AT&T C++ release 2.1

PDBLib.1.0.Alpha.tar.Z  Compressed tar file of PDB object classes library 
			and header files for Dec 3000 (Alpha AXP) with OSF1.  
			Dec C++ (cxx) release 1.2 compatible.

What about future versions?
    Version 2.0 (in 2-3 months) will contain support for crystallographic 
symmetry and use of templates as found in C++ AT&T v3.0 and beyond. 

    Version 3.0 (in 1 year) will contain support for the macromolecular 
Crystallographic Information File (CIF) format to be adopted by the PDB.

Who do I contact?
    Address specific programming questions on PDBlib to Weider Chang, the 
    author of most of the code (weider at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu).

    Address questions concerning PDBview to Ilya Shindyalov 
    (shindyal at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu)

    Address general comments, criticisms, questions about future directions
    etc. to Phil Bourne (system at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu).

                                 Phil Bourne June 7,1993

This work was supported by NSF grant IRI-9116798 with special thanks to
Drs Maria Zemankova and John Wooley.

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