Cell Imaging System

Mohammed Kazam Najafi Koopai najafi at enel.ucalgary.ca
Wed Jun 2 13:21:45 EST 1993

	Hi everybody,

	I am working on a project that involves biological 
	cell image analysis. Our application requires a real time image 
	processing system that, given the microscopic images of the 
	experimented cell, outputs the centroid position and orientation 
	of the cell. This information is then used to measure DiElectroPhoresis
	characteristics of the cell.

	The system contains a microscope which is focused on the cells 
	floating in a transparent chamber. A CCD camera grabs the microscopic
	image at the rate of 30 frames/second. An image processing block is 
	needed to get the image and calculates the centroid of the floating 
	cell at the same rate. The orientation of the cell is also required 
	to be found. The orientation of the cell is needed to measure the 
	rotational speed of the cell. In our application, there are many 
	cases in which the cell is spinning in its place and the spinning rate
	is desired.

	Currently, an image processing hardware made by Matrox Company, Quebec,
	Canada (Imager-AT 1987) together with a software is being used.
	However, the following difficulties in our system have been encountered
	so far:

		- Although the spherical cells are chosen for this experiments,
		  the cell images obtained are not always spherical. The non-
		  uniform density of the inner part of the cell is the main 
		  reason for this appearance. This appearance causes faulty 
		  detections of the centroid position. The image analysis 
		  system has to reconstruct the real shape of the cell before
		  centroid detection.

		- The process is not fast enough to detect quick cell movements.

		- The frames with multiple cells yield erroneous centroid 
		  position. The system cannot distinguish between the cells.

	We might have to use a faster hardware. 

	An alternative solution to this problem can be using Analog 
	Position Sensor ICs. But I do not know of the ICs available or 
	where to start looking for these ICs.

	I would appreciate if anybody can help me or give some pointers in this 
	regard. If you know of anybody working on a similar project please let 
	me know. Please send me E_mail at the following address:
				najafi at enel.ucalgary.ca

	Thank you in advance.
	Kazem Najafi

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