X on the PC - Summary of responses

Chad Price price at cse.unl.edu
Fri Jun 4 08:33:33 EST 1993

Minor corrections:

the program running on your PC is the X-Server, NOT the client. The client
program is the one running on the remote machine.


Under OS/2, IBM has produced TCP/IP for OS/2 which includes (at minor extra
cost) an NFS module, and an X-Server called PMX. I use PMX and am quite happy
with it. 

OS/2 with TCP/IP and Netware requestor for OS/2 provides all of the
connectivity I could possibly want, including allowing my PC to become an
Internet node in its own right - send/receive mail directly, FTP to and from
the OS/2 machine, mount drives from remote systems, telnet directly from hte
OS/2 prompt and still run DOS programs simultaneously.  Highly recommended!

chad at windsurf.unmmc.edu  (the OS/2 box)
price at cse.unl.edu        (the Unix machine where I read news)

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