Actually Hardware breakdown of Mac SE

James Gibbs gibbs at husc4.harvard.edu
Fri Jun 4 12:44:39 EST 1993

Lars.Snogerup at plantbio.lu.se (El Supremo) writes:

>Dear netters!
>A good friend of mine has mixed up my knowledge of how to use a macintosh 
>with the knowledge of what makes it work, so he dumped a mac se in my lap.

>The problem is as follows; The computer has a Apple HD20 and a 800k 
>floppy drive and a SpeedCard. When booting the symbol with a disk and a 
>question mark appears, and if you put in a systemdisk in the druve it 
>dosen t help. I managed to start up the computer via an external 
>diskdrive, the icon for the hard disk do not appear on the desktop, If 
>you insert a disk in the internal diskdrive, you get the message that it 
>is not formatted, if you let it try to formatt the disk you get message 
>that the formatting failed.
>When booting you can hear the hard disk starting and then stopping, so i 
>opend the macine and looked, when you boot the motor start in one 
>direction and then the other and then stops.

You seem to have gotten a lot of bad responses to your problem in this

o It is very rare for more than one component to die at the same time.
o I'm sure you didn't want to be told to build a funeral pyre.
o When the motherboard goes, the drive doesn't behave as yours did.
o As you told us, you already tried to boot off floppies.
o blah, blah, blah. :)
Apple had a problem with some HD20s made by Sony. It sounds clearly to me
by your description that this is the problem. I had the same problem. At
one point, Apple was replacing HD20s with HD40s for free. You can call an
Apple dealer to find out if your friend's serial number matches the
defective lots. The problem is stiction, by the way; the drive sticks on
startup. Sometimes a sharp rap to the side of the case will free the disk.
The sticking can vary with weather, too.

I doubt if Apple is still fixing this for free, but in the meantime, you
can disconnect the power supply to the internal hard disk drive (the thin
wires with the white plastic plug) so that you will be able to boot off a
floppy. If you unplug the entire HD20, the mac will no longer be internally
terminated properly. I would suggest a new external (or internal) hard
drive though. Hope this helps.

gibbs at husc4.harvard.edu

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