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>Subject: Announcing Win3.1 Winsock and PC/NFS Gopher Client Beta 1.0 (HGOPHER)
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	A Gopher Client For Windows 3.1  Version Beta 1.0

The Windows 3.1 PC NFS Gopher client that I recently announced
(about two weeks ago) has now been converted to run using a
WINSOCK compatible DLL.

As the product seems to be fairly stable I have moved from an
alpha release to the first Beta release.
Some bugs have been fixed since the Alpha version.

In addition I have change the name of the product since just "gopher"
seemed a little too generic. For want of anything better its now
called Hampson's Gopher or just plain HGOPHER.

To all the people who helped me Alpha test the Winsock version
a BIG THANK YOU. And to all the people who asked to be Alpha
testers - I am sorry if I did not get back to you personally
but there were quite a lot of you and I was busy sorting out the
problems the first Alpha testers found.


	* Bookmarks
	* bookmark Editing (New this release)
	* DNS capability
	* Vendor name lookup
	* Text, image, telnet, tn3270 capability
          (providing you have other public domain or PC NFS products)
	* Index capability
	* copy to file capability
	* No CSO support yet
	* No Sound support yet
	* No PostScript support yet (although I looks like it does)
	* No MIME support yet


	Available for ANON FTP from lister.cc.ic.ac.uk
	Change to directory pub/wingopher and collect the files:-

	hgopher.exe    [WINSOCK Version]       (Binary mode required)
	hngopher.exe   [PC NFS Only Version]   (Binary mode required)
	Then read the readme.txt file 

Martyn Hampson

 Martyn Hampson                                   m.hampson at ic.ac.uk 
 lmperial College Computer Centre.

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