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Wed Jun 2 15:01:49 EST 1993

The issue of bibliographic software has come up before on this list; at
that time, someone suggested the following article for those interested
in the subject:

Neal, PR (1993)  Personal bibliographic software programs - a comparative
     review.  Bioscience 43, 44-51.

I got a copy of the article and found it helpful in my own software selection.

The penultimate paragraph of Neal's article sums it up rather well:

"Of the programs reviewed here, four stood out above the others: EndNote
Plus, Papyrus, Pro-Cite, and Reference Manager.  These programs differed
principally in their tradeoffs among flexibility, speed, and price.
Papyrus is an extremely flexible program at a low price.  However, it is
not as fast as the other three programs.  The other three programs are fast
and only slightly less flexible, but they are relatively expensive.
Depending on your needs, Pro-Cite and Reference Manager, in particular,
can be very expensive."

I tried Papyrus and Reference Manager and found these comments to be quite
accurate.  Papyrus is very flexible (maybe a touch too flexible), very
reasonably priced ($99), and relatively slow.  Reference Manager was fast,
slick, less flexible for importing references, and over $550 when all
options of interest to me were included.

Note that Neal's review was done before Reference Manager for Windows,

I opted for Papyrus, which is working well, albeit somewhat slowly.

Hope this helps!

Paul "what, another Current Contents diskette to wade through??" Malchow
Research Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
University of Illinois at Chicago

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