Freeware Molecular Modeling and Visualization Kit

Mehmet M. Kayaalp MD kayaalp at seas.smu.edu
Sat Feb 27 16:19:01 EST 1993

I searched the list archive created last year, under keywords
simulation, model, and visual. Except the DEC's one, which is
probably not for free even for research, I could not find any software
running on ULTRIX/UNIX using X-windows. If you know any software
for modeling molecular structure (visually) and which can be
controlled from another high level program preferably Prolog
(but C++, or C are OK) via a suitable interface, I would
be very glad to hear about that. If this software package
has also capability to animate the interactions at the atomic
level (in other words the 3D objects can be moved dynamically
on the display), my all requirements would be satisfied.

Thank you very much to all who are interested in my question.
Best regards,
Mehmet M. Kayaalp, M.D.         phone(w): (214)768-1469 (voice-mail)
Computer Science Department     fax     : (214)768-3085 
Southern Methodist University   phone(h): (214)706-5982
Dallas, Texas 75275-4191        E-mail  : kayaalp at seas.smu.edu 

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