A little help with RNA folding ?

Cornelius Krasel zxmkr08 at studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Sat Feb 27 15:57:17 EST 1993

In <1993Feb26.222010.12895 at CSD-NewsHost.Stanford.EDU> teller at CS.Stanford.EDU (Eric Z. Teller) writes:

>I'm interested in doing some RNA folding analysis on a Mac.

>Does anyone know of any programs other than DNAsis (Hitachi) that
>do RNA folding analysis ?

There is an implementation of the old Zuker folding programs which is
not very Mac-like but works. The major advantage of this program is that
it is free. You can view and reedit the output of this program by
loopDloop, which is also free and quite a nice piece of software
(written by Don Gilbert -- usual praises apply :-). I think that
both programs are available for example at Don's gopher hole in

We had a test version of MacDNasis in our lab (the old 1. version), and
I was not very impressed.
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