re buying a 486

Sat Feb 27 19:02:01 EST 1993

> My $0.02 on buying a computer that is reliable.
> 1.  Buy from a big name company.  Right now, I see 2, IBM and INTEL.  If
> you get an IBM or any INTEL machine, you can be pretty sure to get help,
> parts, service, etc., for some time to come, anywhere in the world.  Also,
> you know you will have no compatibility problems with peripherals and
> software.  You cannot say the same for the up-starts like Del, Compaq,
> Compuadd, etc.
> 2.  Buy local.  You may save $50 or $100 by shopping mail order, but most
> machines do need warrenty service in the first year.  If you buy local, you
> can get immediate help at no cost.  If you buy mail order, you will have to
> ship out your computer by UPS.  This leaves you without a computer and costs
> money.  Probably more than the $50- you thaught you saved by going mail order.
> 3.  Don't even think about wasting your money on an SX, or SLC, or a doubled
> chip.  You will regret in the long run.  You will be better off getting a
> beefed up 386DX than a whimpy 486SX, and a 486DX50 will do you better than
> a 486DX2-60 (really just a 486DX30 that runs too hot for its own good).
> 4.  Spring for a 256 color SVGA monitor with a monstor controler board.  If
> you pay for 486 power, don't let a cheap monitor become the slow link or
> you might as well get a cheaper computer.  Besides, much new software
> requires the SVGA.
> I suppose that's enough for one note.  Good luck.
>        Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
>        PreissJ at clvax1.cl.msu.edu
>        Dept. of Biochemistry
>        Michigan State University

While I agree with most of what was said, I have had very
good luck with a local clone bank.

Most of the clones "have intel inside".  Intel does nothing but
make the cpu.

With the cost of 486's going down, to me it makes more sense to
by a 486 than 386.  the cost of a 486 compared to a 386 with a
math coprocessor is less.

I agree with the advise regarding the monitor.  But remember
a cheap IBM is not made by IBM but a clone with an IBM name on

By the way, the only computer I ever had trouble with was a
SUN 386i--the biggest pile of junk I ever owned.

Jim Cassatt

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