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Subject: graphics for animation of PCR etc

Using graphics I would like to simulate on PC, processes and
reactions like PCR, replication, transcription; also to make an
animated flow diagram of how one would use PCR for diagnostics
e.g detect viruses in cells, detect cancer cells. Basically to
show how DNA technology can be applied in Medicine, not in a
static form of a series of pictures or slides but "animated" on
computer. Is there a software package out there that will enable
me to do this? This will be for teaching purposes and therefore
the price should not be too high. Of course freeware would be

Kathy Cheah

Hypercard can be used to animate processes in addition to providing static
cards. To do this, one would write a series of cards that are displayed in
series rapidly and it appears like the process is animated. Hypercard is
for the MAc and it is probably the easiest way of creating your own custom
programs for educational purposes.

Dr. Terese Barta
Gray Freshwater Biological Institute
Navarre, MN

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