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Martin E. Mulligan mulligan at kean.ucs.mun.ca
Thu Feb 25 11:17:13 EST 1993

In article <760C800223FF007961 at HKUMD1.HKU.HK>, HRMBDKC at HKUMD1.HKU.HK writes:
> Using graphics I would like to simulate on PC, processes and
> reactions like PCR, replication, transcription; also to make an
> animated flow diagram of how one would use PCR for diagnostics
> e.g detect viruses in cells, detect cancer cells. Basically to
> show how DNA technology can be applied in Medicine, not in a
> static form of a series of pictures or slides but "animated" on
> computer. Is there a software package out there that will enable
> me to do this? This will be for teaching purposes and therefore
> the price should not be too high. Of course freeware would be
> better!

Two professors from teh University of Western Ontario have developed a 
series of animations for teaching introductory cell biology, genetics and 
molecular biology.  The have formed a company - Bio-Animate Productions - 
to market their software.  It uses autodesk animator and while the 
animations are relatively crude they are simple and effective.  I have no 
email address but you can write for details at

	Bio-Animate Productions, 28 Askin St., London, Ontario, 

I have no connection with the company other than being a satisfied
customer.  My students have liked using them and I am just about to test
the next generation of the software, I suppose as an independent site.  
THis next generation uses Windows.

Martin E. Mulligan
Dept. of Biochemistry
Memorial UNiversity of Newfoundland

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