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Fri Feb 26 09:44:21 EST 1993

In article <C313G4.519 at news2.cis.umn.edu>,
      horton at molbio.cbs.umn.edu (Robert Horton) writes:
> I'm another very satisfied GCG customer. Our computing center has recently
> switched over to GCG from IG, and I've found GCG to be much more useful
> (not necessarily easier to use, but it does more). In particular their
> multiple sequence alignment and analysis programs are great. The manual
> is well written (for a manual) and very up-to-date (my copy had many entries
> dated the same month I got it!); 

Same month? GCG comes with the source code for the documentation, so you can
update any part of the manual and print a new copy whenever you like. Very
useful when you are modifying the programs, or when you want to make a copy to
print locally. The date, of course, is just when the postscript was generated -
it doesn't necessarily mean the text was updated.

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