GCG-related Questions, please! (Re: GCG hand-out)

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In article <930222.091411.1574 at medinfo.rochester.edu>, charles at MEDINFO.ROCHESTER.EDU ("Charles A. Alexander") writes:
|> >From: "DAVID F. BISHOP" <BISHOP at msvax.mssm.edu>
|> >>we enclose a separate handy-dandy little hand-out that guides the person
|> Hmm, I don't know if it's large enough to warrant being used as a mini-guide.

I am about preparing an index-list to the Biocomputing Survival Guide, 
approx. 50 pages, explaining how to fight with computers and GCG programs 
in a productive way. It has an etended contents list and a large keyword 

I am about adding a FAQ index (i.e., answers point to chapters and sections)
at the end with respect to GCG-related questions. Anyone who has questions
or lists of questions  please send them to the address 

                  survival at comp.bioz.unibas.ch 

and I will incorporate them into the index. The Biocomputing Survival Guide 
will be printed and also available as Postscript file (via servers). 
Anticipated release is end of May, 1993. 


PS1:  Those of you who know the Biocomputing Tutorial, the successor of this 
is not available yet. The Biocomputing Survival Guide does not replace the
tutorial but rather supplements it by being very cook-book like. 
PS2:  A preliminary TOC is on bioftp in archive_data/survival.

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