HyperWais 1.7

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CSC.FI
Thu Feb 25 02:55:52 EST 1993

		Introducing HyperWais 1.7

HyperWais is a Hypercard stack for searching WAIS (Wide Area
Information Servers).  It is available from mendel.welch.jhu.edu
[] by anonymous ftp. The application is located in
/pub/fs/HyperWais.sea.hqx, and the source is in

Hilites of this release include:

You can now click on a document headline to view it, and 
option-click to save it. This saves one from having to 
click on the button and then click on the headline.

A couple of nifty little icons on the title screen which animate
themselves when you move the mouse over either of them.

You can now click on an application summary line to
automatically populate the various fields in the 
"edit applications" screen.

Added feature which allows the user to save and open questions.
This feature saves the query and the chosen sources to a files. The 
format is wais compatible, but I have not tried to open any 
WAIStation questions files. Headlines and relevance feedback are
not saved as part of a question. Also created a wais-questions folder.

Changed the way in which the sources are saved, now only the 
name gets prompted for and the sources gets saved in the 
wais-sources folder automatically. Also a sensible name is generated.

Add a small feature to the "Edit Applications" card which asks
the user if they want to save the entry if it has been modified or is
not in the application list. Before it was just too easy to just 
exit the screen and forget to save the entry.

Fixed a bug which filtered out all the applications when the 
application chooser was invoked when the Wais Listener was 
not found on the local machine. The filter is also case-insentitive.

Added two new XFCNs which will allow the user to download a 
document to the local machine if the Wais Listener is running on
another machine. The two XFCNs are called HCGetDocToLocalFile
and HCGetDocToLocalFileByID and are drop-in replacements for 
HCGetDocToFile and HCGetDocToFileByID respectively. To use them
all you need to do is to change the two XFCN names in the stack 

Plus the usual number of bug fixes and little enhancements to make
life easier.

Below is the README file for HyperWais:

HyperWais 1.7:

Welcome to HyperWais, a Hypercard stack for searching Wide Area
Information Servers.

What is HyperWais:

HyperWais is a hypercard stack which can be used to access Wide Area
Information Servers (WAIS) on the internet, currently there about about
300 public access servers available.

HyperWais allows you to connect up to any number of servers, search
them, download documents and view/save them either with built-in handlers
or using other applications to view them. Support is also provided
for doing relevance feedback. All this functionality is provided within
hypercard in the form of a stack, in fact there are two stacks, one
built for Macs with small screens and one built for Macs with larger
screens. Because the search interface is built using Hypercard, users
can completely remodel it to their taste.

Two versions of the product are provided, one (HyperWais.sea.hqx) is
aimed at users who just want to use the system, and the other
(HyperWais.src.sea.hqx) includes all the C source code used to build
HyperWais for those of you who want to see hows it's built.

Where can I get HyperWais:

HyperWais can be obtained by anonymous FTP from:


the internet address for mendel is [],

or from:


the internet address for sunsite is [].

HyperWais.sea.hqx contains the User Distribution and
HyperWais.src.sea.hqx contains the Source Code Distribution.


Francois Schiettecatte
Software Engineer
Advanced Technology Group
Welch Medical Library
Johns Hopkins University
Internet: francois at library.welch.jhu.edu
Phone	: (410) 955-7581

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