gcg:non x-term interface

Donald Chen - Microbiology chend at ucs.orst.edu
Thu Feb 25 14:21:20 EST 1993


We've recently added gcg to our machine (we've been using
the IG suite of programs.  I've a question which may have
been asked before, but I haven't seen it.

Is there a better interface to the GCG suite of programs
for non X-term based users?  As an IG user, I've gotten 
used to being able to stay within the basic interface and
using those programs which can massage the basic sequence
data.  Eg: enter DNA seq, search databases with seq as probe, 
identify characteristics of the seq, etc.  But now with
the GCG suite, I am constantly bouncing in and out of separate 
programs in order to use them. Is there a better way?
The non X-term part has to deal with logging in via modem.

Thanks for any help.

Don Chen
chend at ucs.orst.edu
chend at ava.bcc.orst.edu

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