Looking for a 486 in all the wrong places.

Wed Feb 24 17:49:02 EST 1993

Hi there,
	I am recently doing some research on 486 computers. I found out that 
Gateway has a lot of good deals coming up. I called them up last week and
they say the prices of some computers will be dropped in the next five weeks.
Since they recieved honors in the last year, I will expect them to have quite
high quality and excellent support like on-site service and 1-800 24 hours 
technical support.In addition, Gateway's computers have local bus(fast bus) for
the video card and faster search speed hard-drive (13ms or 11ms) All those if
you add them up, you will be amazed how great a system you will get from that
kind of price and that kind of company! Check to see the latest prices, I am
sure they are dropping since the P5 are coming out in this year. That's life.
ZEROS sure would be good new to buy, but for the same amount of money you spend
on ZEROS you could buy a better system from Gateway. Zenith is also a big 
company and has a good support. That's where I brought my 486 from. Price is 
reasonable. Oh, by the way, if you want to buy the some desktop case computer 
from Gateway, you have to wait for 5 weeks before you can get the system. 
Because they are waiting for the mother boards and CPU's. That is why I didn't 
pick Gateway.....I can't wait!
	Anyways, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Good
luck hunting!

Gabriel Cheung

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