GCG and Future directions

Anthony Davies adavies at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Wed Feb 24 03:03:49 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb21.233647.8330 at news.cs.brandeis.edu>, ahouse at hydra.rose.
brandeis.edu (Jeremy John Ahouse) writes:
> 	I too think that using a hybrid approach seems to make the most sense
> right now.  Especially for those with internet access.  On the mac:
> (1) assembling with sequencher is straightforward 
> (and sequencher can read and write in many formats),
> (2) analyze with intron/exon guessers like GRAIL (by email server)
> (3) search with BLAST (by email server)
> etc. etc. 

YES!  I think lot's of people do this, but you do need a reasonable amount of 
cross-programme expertise of course.  I am interested in the interactions 
between viral and cellular proteins - a process often involving coevolution 
and mimicry - and off the top of my head I guess we have worked like this;

1.	Browse GenBank wrt your gene of interest with Blast
2.	Assemble potentially interesting alignments with GCG pileup etc. 
	(definitely preferred round here to ClustalV)
[Export the business parts of alignments to MacDraw etc for publication 
quality graphics via VersatermPro]
3.	Design and construct (co)expression vectors in GCK
4.	Start the *real* work of understanding what is really going on....

Will these systems ever have a common, easy, affordable GUI?

Anthony Davies
Institute of Virology
Oxford UK

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