Looking for a 486 in all the wrong places.

Wed Feb 24 13:49:09 EST 1993

>     I have recently begun searching for a new EISA or VESA 486 for
> use with Windows.  I have two questions.
>     First, does anyone know anything about the quality of
> ZEOS machines.  They look good on paper and have received good
> reviews, but are they reliable?  Will the company stand behind their
> guarantees?  I would appreciate hearing anyone who has experience
> with this company.
>     Second, do you have a 486 that you LOVE?  Who makes it?  Why do
> you like it so much?
>     Thanks in advance!
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> Bruce K. Kirchoff                   Phone:  919-334-5391
> Department of Biology               FAX: 919-334-5839
> University of North Carolina        EMAIL: kirchoff at godall.uncg.edu
> Greensboro, NC  27412-5001

I purchased my 486 at a local clone bank.  It was a lot cheaper
than mail order and works beautifully.

Over six years ago I purchased a PC clone and it is still
going strong.

Bottom line--Computers assembled in someone's backroom are
a bargain and work well.

Jim Cassatt

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