"Go plot" software availability?

arlin at ac.dal.ca arlin at ac.dal.ca
Sun Feb 21 20:09:13 EST 1993

I am trying to find a program that calculates a "Go plot" (a.k.a
"diagonal plot") of the inter-atomic distances of alpha carbons in a
protein.  Such a plot appears on p. 472 of the Feb. 4 issue of
_Nature_, and has been used several times by "introns-early" advocates
to show purported correlations between intron positions and protein
structure.  I would be grateful for any information on how such a
program can be obtained (short of writing to Dr. Mitiko Go in Japan,
which I'll do if I can't get the program any easier way).  Thanks,

arlin at ac.dal.ca

Arlin Stoltzfus
 Department of Biochemistry
 Dalhousie University
 Halifax, Nova Scotia

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