Summary/Thanks request for protein search software

John Powell jip at helix.nih.gov
Fri Feb 19 15:06:17 EST 1993

Follow up on GCG motifs:
>motifs GCG UNIX version 7.2 with January GCG CDrom databases, did not
>find any sites for glycosylation or phosphorylation.
>(Only found two sites a PROKAR_LIPOPROTEIN and a G_PROTEIN_RECEPTOR).

>prosearch 2.1 with the most recent prosite database obtained from NCBI worked
>just fine.
>(Found 22 sites - the ones above plus several ASN_GLYCOSYLATION and 
>xxx_PHOSPHO_SITE as well as others)

The switch -FREquent to the GCG motifs command is required to report
these sites. 
Apparently this was a recently added switch (it's not docmented in the
7.1 program manual or 7.2 updates - it may be somewhere in the release
Thanks to Peter Fitzgerald for this info. 

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