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Jeffrey N Masters jmasters at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Thu Feb 18 22:23:43 EST 1993

The endnote discussion group is bit.listserv.endnote. Also, through a separate
discussion group (Bibsoft on LISTSERV at INDYCMS.BITNET, I don't know if this is a
News group through rn or not, I subscribed) I got three recent reviews
of bibliographic software for both the Mac and PC. If interested check
out the following:

Neal, Paul R.  Personal bibliographic software programs - a
comparative review.  BioScience 43(1):44-51, January 1993.
(Compares Bibliophile 2.0, BiblioStax, Citation 2.0, EndNote
 Plus, Get-A-Ref 3.0, nb Citation 2.0 (aka Notebook II Plus)
, Papyrus 7.0, Pro-Cite 2.0, Ref-11 3.1, Reference Manager 5
, RefMenu 4.0, wp Citation)

Hoke, Franklin.  Bibliography-building software eases a 'cru
el' task.  The Scientist 7(1):18-19, January 11, 1993.
(EndNote Plus, Pro-Cite, Reference Manager, Papyrus)

Stigleman, S. Database, Feb, 1993 (I don't know the page numbers yet)

I'ld be interested in hearing from any Procite users (Mac) on how well that
program works. Our folks are trying to negotiate a site-license originally for
EndNote and now it may be Procite instead. for what it's worth, I really like
Endnote Plus (with EndLink) except that it has trouble inmporting complex names
from Medline output (such as names like de Kloet, J. it thinks Kloet is the
first name). This is only a minor anoyance however.


Jeff Masters

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