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In article <Pine.3.05.9302181047.B7744-9100000 at netcom2>, wick at NETCOM.COM (Potter Wickware) writes:
|> I agree with what Dave said about GCG -- I've talked to a lot of users and
|> at best they merely tolerate it -- Steve is the first person I've heard
|> say he actually _likes_ it.  Whenever I've tried to use it I feel like
|> I've just landed on Mars.  I don't think GCG has a future until the user
|> interface is improved.  

I teach GCG usage since about six years in several countries and the 
people are enthusiastic fellow at the end of each course. Those who claim
that they can't use it have not adopted the little kick you need in order 
to do things reasonably well. By the way, did you try driving a car without
a driving license and training? 

And, not to forget, quite a few efforts are out there to have a GCG menu 
interface. Beat up your SysOp if you feel that you can't live without it.
At our site, only about 10% use the menu system I wrote for both VMS and 
UNIX. From my experience with my users (I had about 600 so far, from
undergraduate to senior Staff Professor), I can tell that the attitude 
that GCG isn't worth working with is not shared here. 


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