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In article <Pine.3.05.9302181047.B7744-9100000 at netcom2> wick at NETCOM.COM (Potter Wickware) writes:
>I agree with what Dave said about GCG -- I've talked to a lot of users and
>at best they merely tolerate it -- Steve is the first person I've heard
>say he actually _likes_ it.  Whenever I've tried to use it I feel like
>I've just landed on Mars.  I don't think GCG has a future until the user
>interface is improved.  

I have to add my name to the "Pro-GCG" side. I use it almost daily and I find
that others in the lab have picked it up quite easily, even the "computer-
phobes." Sure, there is a learning curve, but I find that anything worth
learning has a curve, some steeper than others. I use both the VMS and Unix
versions. I see Unix as the future of biocomputing (but only if the interface
can be simplified for novice users), and especially programs like GCG and the
new version of the Staden package. Enough.

Another "Steve" for GCG


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