RE> braindamaged SeqEd

Paul Morrison morrison at FARBER.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Feb 18 11:02:35 EST 1993

Jason writes:
> Does anyone have/know of a reasonable editor that is like 
> the ABI editor SeqEd in that it resembles a spreadsheet 
> where many sequences can be brought in at the same time 
> and the AA seq of each can be displayed as a shadow. I would
> be nice to have the ability to look at hte chromatogram data
> but not necessary. My problem with SeqEd is that it is 
> BRAINDAMAGED!!!!!! The find/replace command can't be set up 
>to work on more than one seq at a time, you can't import more
> than one seq at a time (if I run 36 seqs a day I God Damned
> Well Don't Want to press import seq 36 GODDAMNED times!!!!)
> and, to top it off it is not the least bit AppleEvents 
> aware/scriptable nor can it publish/subscribe!!!
> any ideas??? I'm all ears.
> Jason.

Jason, it sounds like your ready to cut your losses so drop SeqEd in the
trash where my copy is and buy a copy of Sequencher 2.0 ( Gene Codes, Ann
Arbor Michigan, 800 497-4939). It does all that you want and just a few
things more. Not only will it take your 36 chromatograms and import the
whole folder in one shot but when you're done, file compression will have
taken the 36 x 140 k files down to 500 k total. Another big difference to
SeqEd, the contig building actually works. Fast. View the Chromatograms?
Anytime including multiple Chroms. when looking at multiple overlaps. If I
did not own an ABI 373 I would still buy this program. For more info and
some side by side speed tests Harry Mangalm has posted a very thorough
review of this and other sequencing application programs a few months ago.
Some Biogopher should have a copy (best bet: Don Gilbert,
FTP.Bio.Indiana.Edu, he keeps everything).

Paul Morrison
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

ps. Not sure aboout AppleEvents awareness but if you ask Gene Codes for it
they'll put it in soon.(One of their best features).

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